Limited Number of Special Tickets also available:

Students (no job in parallel – Age < 28):  $100
Press accreditations : Available upon request


Cancellation Policy: Written cancellations received before May 10, 2013 will be accepted subject to a service charge of $150. Subsequent cancellations are liable for the full conference registration fee. Substitutions can be done up until June 14, 2013.


Errors? Problems?

If the registration page “expires” on you, try using a different browser. Chrome seems to have better results. (Explorer and Safari have both given this error.)

Internet Explorer also sometimes won’t allow scrolling in the registration form. If possible, please use another browser.

Because our registration company is in Europe, the City/State fields work differently than you might expect.
On the line that says “Postal Code / City”, be sure to put your zip code in the first short box, then move over to the longer box just to the right of it. In that longer box, type your city name.

Once you put in United States for your country, you have to go back and add the state. On the line that says, “State: Please choose”, click on “Please choose” and a list should open. Click on your state in that list.


If you have other problems, please email for help. Thanks!

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