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The #140conf/State of Now returns to Los Angeles on September 23 for the #140LA13 Mini-Conference: The Rise of Listening in the Era of Social Media. We will explore the art of listening and why it matters, how companies are listening in 2013, the importance of listening to yourself and your audience, and more!


In #140conf-style, we will have several 10-minute individual talks and short panel discussions, followed by networking. We will have California Monster SaladsHubert’s Lemonade, and snacks.


Our speakers include:


Hosts: Jeff Pulver @JeffPulver and Debra Eckerling @GuidedGoals


Listening to Yourself, Mallika Chopra @MallikaChopra


Love, Passion & Chocolate, Ashley Walsh, Intentional Chocolate, @AshleyDWalsh


Listening to Your Body, Jeff Pulver @JeffPulver and @ZulaApp


Engaging Your Community, Journalist/Consultant David Bloom, @DavidBloom and @Deadline, speaking with Digital Strategist Catherine Geanuracos @Geanuracos about Eric Garcetti’s social campaign strategy


Transforming Entertainment through Social Media, Digital Business Strategist Steven Swimmer @Stevens1 and @Nowster (moderator); Jon Cody @Cody_Jon@TelevisionFour, and @StyleClubTV; Peter Hyoguchi, @PeterHyoguchi and @StrikeTV, and Mike Rotman, Streaming Garage, @MikeRotman@StreaminGarage, and @ThisWeekSucked


Paying it Forward, Brian Mac Mahon, Pay it Forward for Business, @YourOfficeAgent


Romance, Speaking & Hearing from the Heart, Kerianne Mellott @Keri_Mellott and @eharmony, Cyber Dating Expert Julie Spira @JulieSpira, and Marni Battista, Dating with Dignity, @MarniBattista


Learn more about our speakers.


The #140conf events provide a platform for individuals and entrepreneurs to listen, connect, share, and engage with each other, while collectively exploring the effects of the emerging real-time internet on business.


Where: Cross Campus, 820 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401

When: Monday, September 23, 6:30 – 9:30pm

Register here.


Sponsored by Zula App



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